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Seçmeli Dersler

Seçmeli Dersler

Spring 2018 Elective Courses 

INT 422 Analysis of Visual Culture
INT 423 Conceptual design
INT 425 Artificial Visions: Designing Space for the Camera
ARC 411 Narrative Processes in Architectural Design
ARC 442 Making Documentary Films in Architecture
ARC 482 Wearable habitats
ARC 462 Understanding urban social thought
ARC 412 Representing Istanbul
ARC 425 The Evolution of the City
ARC 452 Space in extended reality
ARC 434 Design fabrication
ARC 458 Robart
INT 428 Art between practice and discourse
ARC 438 Material systems and computational design
ARC 464 Urban Ecology
ARC 429 Architecture in the age of Antropocene
ARC 456 Parametric modeling
ARC 446 Film Architecture
ARC 422 Art and space: fragments
HUM 311 Photography and Culture

Fall 2017 Elective Courses

INT432 Design Through Materials
INT 434 Hands-on Furniture Design
ARC 411 Narrative Process in Architectural Design
ARC 413 Photography and Architecture
ARC 421 Production of Public Space
ARC 422 Art and Space, Fragments
ARC 423 Hellenistic and Roman Architectural culture in the Eastern Mediterranean
ARC 424 Augmenting Locales
ARC 425 The Evolution of the City: Dreams of the Past, Realities of the Present and Danger of the Future
ARC 427 Transition Between Art and Architecture
ARC 428 Architectural Nomadism
ARC 429 Architecture in the Age of the Antropocene
ARC 434 Design Fabrication
ARC 435 Alternative Construction Methods I

Spring 2017 Elective Courses (PDF)
Fall 2016 Elective Courses (PDF)

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